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29 Year Old Girl Did You Century Older Than Grandfather Age

Despite the difference of 20 years in age, a young woman chose a man of her grandfather’s age as her life partner and after a few months, they are also going to get married. Seeing this couple on social media, users are trolling.

29-year-old girl did you century older than grandfather’s age

When a 29-year-old girl goes out with her future husband, people stop her on the road because people think that she is with a man of her grandfather’s age. This girl is now the target of trollers on social media.

The husband looks old like the grandfather

According to the Daily Star news, 29-year-old Taylor Rae Hamilton says that people stop her and her future husband John Faulkner on the street because they think she is hanging out with a man her grandfather’s age. He is trolled a lot on social media on this matter. Taylor-Rae Hamilton, 29, reveals how people say businessman John Faulkner looks as old as your grandfather.

met through a dating app

Actually, there is a difference of 20 years between them. Both of them met in September 2019 through the dating app Tinder. After that, they started dating. Now both are getting engaged and also going to get married in August 2022.

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Trolls are doing it by saying gold digger

Trollers write a lot of negative things for these lovebirds on this matter and troll Taylor Rai by calling her a ‘Gold digger’. Actually, the word gold digger means a person who digs in search of gold, but in the early twentieth century, this word came to be used for women who focus more on the wealth of the person in making a romantic relationship. Was. That is, seeing money, she used to build relationships.

This relationship is absolutely normal for the couple.

Taylor Rae describes age-gap relationships as normal because it gives them happiness. She says that some people think that the difference of 20 years in their age is strange but for us this relationship is completely normal. Taylor Rai, who lives in Northern Ireland, said that my height is 5 feet 1 inch while John’s height is more than 6 feet. That’s why the age difference between us seems a bit high. But I am very happy.

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