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26-Year-Old Actress Carol Maltesi Brutally Murdered

A well-known actress has murdered. The age of the accused who committed the murder is 43 years. This accused not only killed the actress but also threw her body into pieces and threw it on the side of the road.

Banker kills actress

Such an incident happened with a well-known actress, after reading that your soul will tremble. This 26-year-old actress first hit by a banker with a hammer, then cut her body into several pieces and later threw the body pieces in a sack on the side of the road. At present, the police has arrested the accused who killed the actress. The name of this accused is David Fontana, whose age said to be 43 years.

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Porn Star Only Chatted But Did Not Receive The Call

Italian porn star. Name Carol Maltesi. In the world of porn, people know this actress as Charlotte Angie. Age around 26 years. It worked in all kinds of adult and porn films in Italy. This actress has her own fans following. She currently lived in the city of Brussels, Italy, apart from her family. Here she used to make porn videos for private fan clubs. According to media reports, she used to shoot quite wild porn videos. In March itself, Carol Maltesi was to attend a party. This poll was for the party and fan club actresses.

Savage Again by Striking With a Hammer

According to a report published in the UK Daily Mirror, the police suspect that the accused first hit the actress with a hammer in connection with the murder of the actress. His body was burnt to hide his identity.After which it was cut into pieces and packed in a sack. Carol Maltesi entered the world of porn industry after posting adult content on OnlyFans. The actress was supposed to perform at the Luxi Erotic Festival 2 from March 11 to 13, but she did not make it.

Accused Arrested

In this case, on Tuesday, the police arrested a 43-year-old man named David Fontana. The accused have charged with serious charges like murder, destruction of evidence, and hiding the dead body. During interrogation, the accused banker has allegedly confessed to killing the actress. The accused told the police that he killed the actress in January and kept the body in the freezer for a few days. The actress was identified by her fan. This deceased actress lived in Rescaldina Municipality of Milan.

Pieces of Dead Body Were Found in 15 bags, 1 Dozen Tattoos Were Found on The Body

Itly Porn Star Carol Maltesi Murder Meanwhile, on March 21, around the deserted hills of the city of Brussels, a man finds pieces of a girl’s body in 15 different black polythene bags. The person who saw this dead body saw only a part of the hand and nail polish made of polythene. After which he informs the police. When the police took possession of that girl’s body, they saw that there are many pieces of the dead body. The face was completely crushed. Seeing whom he could not be recognized. Altogether 12 tattoos were found on the arms, legs, waist, and thighs. On this basis, the police informed the media and started trying to identify him. But no information could be found.

Model Dies While Shooting Wild

During the interrogation of the police, the accused told that in January 2022, he was shooting wild porn with Carol. This incident is of 12 January. That day Fontana was shooting two sex videos. Which was very violent i.e. wild. In this, a video was shot somehow. But took him to a bedroom to shoot another porn video.

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