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26/11 Raw Chif Chaturvedi Passed Away In 2011

After the Mumbai attack, the responsibility fell on RAW’s head. But, the reality is that it was the fault of all the agencies and due to that such a big attack took place on Mumbai. Ashok Chaturvedi, the then chief of RAW, passed away in 2011. But, all the alerts issued by Ashok Chaturvedi regarding the Mumbai attack have been kept safe in the archives of RAW. At the same time, when Ashok Chaturvedi reached the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with his resignation, Manmohan Singh refused to accept his resignation. Ashok Chaturvedi had retired from the post of RAW chief in the year 2009. At the same time, in 2017, IPS Anil Dhasmana of Madhya Pradesh became the chief of RAW and is currently the chairman of National Technical Research Organization (NTRO).

What did IB do on alert?

The IB used the warnings from RAW to issue three warnings of terror attacks at different locations, including attacks on Jewish hideouts in India’s commercial capital Mumbai. This stated in the confidential report of the RD Principal Inquiry Commission set up by the then state government headed by Congress Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. The report prepared by the Principal Commission of Inquiry. It raised serious questions on both the State Home Department and the Mumbai Police and said, “Both the Maharashtra Home Ministry and the Mumbai Police… did not take the threats seriously.”

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There was an attack in September

It was said in Pradhan’s report that, initially, the Mumbai Police was very serious about the IB’s warning, but gradually everyone calmed down. After a few months the preparation cut short. On the other hand, another Mumbai attack mastermind Richard Headley told the NIA in June 2010 that the attack on Mumbai to take place only in September, but that attack was foiled due to the sinking of the boat. But, then in November there was a second attack, which was extremely fatal. Before this attack, where the Mumbai Police had calmed down, the terrorists trying relentlessly. Pradhan’s report states that the second 26/11 attempt was successful and fatal, as the Union Home Ministry, the Maharashtra Home Department and the Mumbai Police were all unaware.

CIA and Mossad’s displeasure

The Indian government had completely failed to stop the Mumbai attack, due to which the American intelligence agency CIA and Mossad were very angry with the Indian government. These agencies had said that, even after several alerts, the result of the negligence of the Government of India was the attack on Mumbai. After the Mumbai attack, India’s Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil and the then Mumbai Police Commissioner Hasan Ghafoor had to resign from their posts. At the same time, the Director of Intelligence Agency (IB) PC Haider retired before the stipulated time. The report clearly stated that the central investigative agencies had not failed.

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