23-year-old Fiancee Of Age Difference Shared luxurious Lifestyle Display With 33-Year-old partner

A 23-year-old woman who lives in a renovated palace with her fiancée, who is 33 years older than her, says she doesn’t blame people for thinking she’s after her money.

Allana Luke and Jeff Winn, 56,

The couple has been inseparable since their second date with Marbella in October 2020. Shortly after, Allana moved into the 11-bed palace of the owner of the law firm in Jesmond, Newcastle. The couple – who got engaged on June 2 – had a life together I can be seen enjoying the finer things, but Allana insists that she is not with him for the money and has even suggested a prep.

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“They automatically assume I’m just another girlfriend after her money.

Jeff’s personal assistant Allana said: “There’s no denying that Jeff looks much older than me, which makes people roll their eyes when they see us.

I don’t blame them because that would be my first thought as well.

“But once they get to know us, they can tell we’re a great match. We only have one joke and we’re always laughing.” She added that she has no shame in showing her affection for him in public. No, and she always holds his hand because she is proud that they are together.

The pair hit it off immediately, despite the age difference and different backgrounds.

“Initially, I decided to raise the age limit on my Tinder because I was fed up with immature people my age. I set it up for 25 to 60-year-olds and the next day I matched Jeff.” Jeff’s profile made me stop because his picture was standing outside his castle. If I didn’t say ‘wow’ at home, I I will lie

Jeff’s Profile

“His bio said he just finished restoring it, so I thought it would be a good story to tell friends, even if it didn’t work out. We shut it down right away and the next week, I was going to share it with him. Went to the palace and didn’t even feel like he was older.” He’s so easygoing and funny – I agreed to go to Marbella with him the next week because I quit my job as a travel agent.”17 During the day’s travel, Allana celebrated her 22nd birthday in October 2020 and Jeff bought her a pair of diamonds.

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