23 Amazing Moon Crafts That Are Perfect for Preschoolers

The mysterious nature of the moon has fascinated many people over the years, and these 23 easy and enjoyable crafts for kids can help nurture and enhance that interest in a fun, educational way.

This collection of Moon activities will teach a lot about the surface and phases of the Moon, space, and much more! Most importantly, these out-of-this-world crafts will allow you and your little ones to have many lunar conversations while you work to replicate Earth’s natural satellite.

Night Sky Moon Craft

Create this unique night sky background and moon in this exciting simple craft. This beautiful moon project can be made using construction paper, cotton balls, and glitter. This craft can be used in a lunar unit, turning to the constellations, or immediately after reading a moon-themed book.

Moon bread

Take your little ones on a culinary trip to the moon. This straightforward recipe will allow you to understand the important properties of baking and yeast, as well as create the craters in this moon loaf. This beautiful moon craft is just “dough-light”!

Re-create a lunar sphere with this two-step lunar sand. You will need vegetable oil and all-purpose flour to make the topography of the moon. This fun moon art goes well with a discussion on the differences between the Earth and the Moon.

Use this Moon Phases box to teach dark moon phases and the different shapes of the moon. This surprisingly simple shoebox craft is interactive and allows your students to track the phases of your moon outside of the actual moon. It’s a shoo-in to learn about the moon!

Take your first step on the moon with this amazingly creative moon craft. This fun activity is made using just dough and a baking tin and can be used to teach about peace on the moon or the moon landing. One small step in the sand… one giant leap for understanding!

This paper plate is for easy shaping

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Use this paper plate craft to easily shape a kid-friendly project. It can easily showcase your student’s creative side, and it goes well with studies of the moon. To spruce up this cute moon art, just add cardboard stars and a googly eye!

puffy paint moon

Create this beautiful moon art project with puffy paint, glue, and shaving cream! It’s just as much fun to carve as it is to touch it once it’s dry! This learning experience will surely create a lasting impression.

Galaxy Moon Rocks

Get creative with this Galaxy Moon Rock Craft. Make this cool moon rocks with baking soda and water. Just add glitter and food coloring to make these ethereal rocks pop and prepare to get a little messy!

Marshmallow Planetarium

Moon and beyond! Use these marshmallow constellations to round out your discussions of the moon and stars. They are easy to assemble and delicious to eat too! This activity is not only fun but can be very effective in teaching about constellations.

Lunar Craft Phases

Explore the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies in this hands-on science project that will leave a lasting impression. Use this craft to discuss the reasons why the moon has different phases. The best part? Leftover moon pieces can be eaten by the students!

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