22-year-old Biology Graduate Clarifies About Her Age-gap Relationship With 57-Year-old Divorcee

A couple with an age difference of 35 years have opened up about their relationship after they randomly met during a night at a casino.

Brightney said on the couple’s joint TikTok account

Brightney, a biology graduate from New Zealand, met James, a 57-year-old divorcee with four daughters, in June 2021. Despite being mistaken as “father and daughter”, the couple is happily together in Queensland after developing a “real relationship”. “We think the age difference is a big difference,” Brightney said on the couple’s joint TikTok account.

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James said

The age difference of course is huge, no doubt about it, but as they always say, love is love. Their relationship began when James saw Britney buying “nine sandwiches” at a casino . James said, “I thought anyone who could buy nine sandwiches was the one I needed to talk to.”

bombarded with hundreds of comments

The two have been documenting their lucrative romance on TikTok, with over 23,000 people now following their journey. After making their relationship public, the couple has been bombarded with hundreds of comments.

The comments are very interesting,” James said.

“There’s a lot of love, so thank you to everyone who is mature enough to understand.” But there are a lot of comments about money. ‘He’s only in it for the money’ is ridiculous.” However, James and Brightney said their relationship was not based on money. James said, “I’ve been married for 30 years… every relationship, of course From a traditional relationship, the man takes care of the woman, so of course that’s going to cost you money.”

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