22 People Ate Food Bill Came 48 Lakhs Know This Expensive Party of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp: Hollywood star Johnny Depp had a special celebration with his friends in Birmingham, England. Spent $ 62,000 or Rs 48.22 lakh on dinner. Depp feasted on Indian food, cocktails, and champagne at the restaurant. The actor scored a major victory on Wednesday. When he was sentenced to $10.35 million in a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, 36.

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Johnny Depp with his musician friend and partner at the party

Johnny Depp was joined by 20 others including his musician friend and partner Jeff Beck at the party. Birmingham’s biggest Indian restaurant witnessed this scintillating party. Depp is currently on tour and is living in the United Kingdom. He also appeared on several guitarists’ shows, including one at the Royal Albert Hall in London late last month.

Depp and his friends enjoy the party

This 20,000-square-foot restaurant was closed. So that Depp and his friends can enjoy this party. Their party lasted till almost midnight. The restaurant’s manager, Mohammad Hussain, told the outlet: “On Sunday afternoon, we got a call saying Johnny Depp wanted to have dinner with a group of people.”

NYPost.com reports, “He spent a lot of time talking to the staff, his friends and family. The staff was happy to take pictures with him.”

Johnny Depp talks about it in my office

He didn’t ask the Kentucky native about the court case. “It was a nice conversation with a very polite person. I’m still pinching myself Because I never dreamed that Johnny Depp would talk about this in my office. That’s how CCTV works in restaurants.”

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