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20 Accused Students Sentenced To Death In Abrar Murder Case

A Bangladesh court has convicted and sentenced 20 students to death for allegedly lynching a student nearly two years ago.

Judge’s decision on the incident that happened 2 years ago

A Bangladesh court nearly two years ago. 20 students convicted for allegedly lynching a student. and sentenced them to death. The deceased and the convicted student were studying at Bangladesh Engineering and Technology University in Dhaka at the time of the incident.

Beaten to death pro-government students

The students attacked him on 6 October 2019The student beaten to death. After the murder, all the accused students fled from the spot.

Chargesheet filed against 25 leaders

On November 28, the court had postponed the date of pronouncement of the verdict in the murder case till December 8. On November 13, 2019, the Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge Court took cognizance of the charge sheet filed by Detective Wing against 25 politicians. Bangladesh Student League. The tribunal had on September 15, 2020, framed charges against all the 25 accused in the case.

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Judge sentenced 20 students to death

Judge Abu Zafar Mohammad Kamarazman in the fast track court of Dhaka gave the verdict in this case after two years. He held all the 25 students who charge-sheeted in the case guilty of the incident. Along with this, 20 of them announced the death penalty. While the remaining 5 sentenced to life imprisonment. The judge said that in view of the brutality of the case and to prevent recurrence of the incident, he compelled to give a death sentence to the convicts.

Names of 25 convicts convicted

25 convicted – Mehdi Hassan Russell, Anik Sarkar, Ifti Musharraf Sakal. Mohamed Mehdi Hassan Robin, Mohamed Meftahul Islam Zion| Muntasir Alam Jamie, Khandkar Tabakkharul Islam Tanveer | Mohd Mujahidur Rahman, Muhtasim Fuad, Mohd Moniruzzaman Monir. Mohd Akash Hussain, Hussein Mohd. Akash Hussain. Toha| Mohammad Majidul Islam, Shamim Billah, Mauj Abu Huraira ASM Najmus Sadat | Istik Ahmed Munna, Amit Saha, Amit Saha Meezaan, Shamsul Arefin Rafat. SM Mahmood Setu, Morsheduzzaman Jisan, Ehteshmul Rabbi Tanim. Murshid Amatya Islam and Murshid Amatya Islam. Of these, Jisan, Rafid and Tanim yet to be arrested and are facing trial for non-appearance.

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