15 Year Old Teenager Did Dirty Acts With Actress Sushmita In The Crowd

Sushmita Sen is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. But she had to face such a situation once when a 15-year-old boy started touching her inappropriately and the actress herself told this. Also told how he taught that boy a lesson.

Sushmita Sen Became A Victim Of Public Harassment

Sushmita Sen considered the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. She still beats the hearts of the fans with her beauty. But despite being such a big actress, she has faced harassment in public many times. Once only a 15-year-old teenager had done a dirty act with him in front of everyone. But she was caught by the actress on the last occasion.

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Sushmita Sen Shared The Story Of Misbehavior And Told

Sushmita had told while sharing the story of misbehavior. How a 15-year-old boy misbehaved with him in a crowd of hundreds. He said that people think that bodyguards live with celebrities. So they do not have to be a victim of all this, but it is not so. The actress had said that many times people think. Always we are surrounded by bodyguards and hence we don’t have to face bad experiences but let me tell you. We have 10 bodyguards around us but even then we have to face bad experiences in the midst of a crowd of more than 100 people full of men.

Sushmita Holds The Boy’s Hand

Sushmita Sen had said, a 15-year-old teenager misbehaved with me at an award show. He thought the crowd was big and so I wouldn’t know but he was wrong. I grabbed her hand from behind me but I was surprised to see that she is only 15 years old. Sushmita further said, I grabbed her neck and took her with me.

Sushmita Taught A Lesson To The Boy

After this Sushmita told the boy that if I make a spectacle of this thing, then your life will be spoiled. On this the boy started saying that he did not do anything. Then Sushmita said that if it is done, first accept it. On this the boy apologized to him. I didn’t take any action against him because I think that kid didn’t know that such act is a crime and not any kind of entertainment. After that the boy said that this will never happen again. On this Sushmita said that I have seen your face. This should never happen.

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