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13 Year Old Boy Raped 6 Year Old Girl

In Ukraine, an innocent child was made a victim of his lust for a minor boy. The accused first raped the girl and then beat her to death. The police have arrested the accused but due to the law, he will avoid going to jail.

13-year-old boy raped 6-year-old girl

A shocking case has come to light in Ukraine. Here a six-year-old girl was brutally put to death after being raped. The perpetrator of the crime is none other than a 13-year-old minor living in the neighborhood. The accused took the girl with him by luring him with an apple. Then after raping her, she was beaten to death with a stone. The thing to note is that even after committing this dreadful crime, the accused will avoid going to jail due to his age.

dead body found in the apple orchard

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, the body of Miroslava Tretak, a resident of Stary Saltov village in northeastern Ukraine, was found in an apple orchard near her house. There was not a single cloth on her body and the whole body was covered in blood. The innocent’s head was hit so many times with a stone that even the bone was broken. The girl was last seen with her 13-year-old neighbor. When the police started the investigation on this basis, the dreadful truth came to the fore.

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Went to get apples for Mother

When the child did not return home for a long time, mother Tatiana Tretak complained to the police. After this, the search operation started and the police found her body near the victim’s house. Seeing the condition of the body, the officers were also shocked. It was learned from the people around that the girl had gone to the apple orchard along with her minor neighbor. She wanted to get an apple for her mother. Mother likes fruits. After this, the police arrested the accused from his house.

Keep hitting till death comes

Police said that the accused first made the girl a victim of his lust. He was brutally put to death. He kept hitting the girl on the head with a stone until she died. After that, he went to his house from there. change clothes. This has come to the fore in the police investigation. The behavior of the accused has not been good from the beginning. He kills other kids. Once he killed a kitten by tossing it on the ground.

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