12-year-old Drummer Hardik Taylor Will Join Foo Fighters In London For Hawkins Tribute

You may remember 12-year-old drummer Nandi Bushell from his epic drum battle with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. And after being victorious from the war and invited to play the band’s classic hit Everlong with Grohl and the rest of his bandmates a year later, Bushell thought all his dreams came true with a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Were. But now, the talented percussionist will once again join the iconic band for their upcoming tribute concert to honor their late drummer Taylor Hawkins following his unexpected death on March 25, 2022.

Foo Fighters cast announced

Along with Hawking’s family, the Foo Fighters recently announced the cast who will be joining them for a London concert, which will take place on 3 September at Wembley Stadium. So now, Bushel has to join the ranks with the late drummer’s famed musicians. Close friends and influences to honor his life and legacy. The cast will include members of the iconic rock groups Queen, Police, Rush, Oasis, Pretenders and Queens of the Stone Age, in addition to a lineup of many other famous artists.

Bushel shared in response to the extraordinary invitation

Mr. Grohl, it will be an honor to join you on stage…to pay tribute to my hero and friend, the great Taylor Hawkins,” Bushell shared in response to the extraordinary invitation. “With these sticks he gave me, I going to rock sometime in my whole life! … this is for you, Taylor.

Young drummer prodigy at age 12

There’s no doubt that Hawkins will be honored that Bushel will take his place on stage alongside his Foo Fighters brothers. And now, at 12, the young drummer prodigy will be able to say that she played on stage with the Foo Fighters not once, but twice. It seems that once in a lifetime opportunities can’t help but keep coming their way.

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