Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has claimed responsibility for the missile attack on Iraq’s Irbil city. Targeting the US embassy here, 12 missiles were fired at it.

Rockets fired at US embassy campus in Iraq

Several rockets have been fired towards the US embassy campus in Iraq. There is a fire in the embassy premises after the rocket was fired. According to the Eastern European media NEXTA, the missile attack on Erbil came from Iranian territory. Iraqi security forces officials said there were no immediate reports of casualties in the attack late Saturday which caused heavy damage to the area. Damage has been done.

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US consulate attacked

The US consulate in Iraq’s Irbil city attacked on Sunday. After which a massive fire broke out in the embassy premises. Along with this, the sound of explosions also heard many times. Officials of the US Defense Ministry say that this attack done from the neighboring country of Iran. There has been no casualty in this attack. Iraqi officials initially said several missiles were fired at the US consulate in Iraq’s Irbil city.

Missiles fell around the campus

The head of Kurdistan’s Foreign Media Office, Lock Ghafri, said none of the missiles hit a US installation, but did hit areas around the compound. A US Defense Ministry official said it was not yet clear how many missiles were fired and where they landed. Another official said no US government office was damaged and there was no indication that the target was the consulate.

windows glass broken

Iraqi and US officials gave this information on the condition of anonymity. Television channel Kurdistan24, which has an office near the US consulate, showed images of fragments of glass and debris in its office after the attack. An Iranian spokesman has denied allegations of Iran’s involvement in the attack in Irbil. Mahmoud Abbaszahed, the spokesman for Iran’s parliamentary committee on national security, said the allegations could not be confirmed.

no casualties in the attack

He said in an interview to a local news website, ‘If Iran decides to take revenge. So it will be very serious and powerful. ” Iraqi security officials said that at the moment no casualties reported in the attack. These attacks were carried out just after midnight and have caused structural damage in the area. Another official also said that the ballistic missiles were fired from Iran. He said the missiles Iran-made Fateh-110 probably fired in retaliation for the killing of two Revolutionary Guards in Syria.