11-year-old Sings From Audience To Stage on America Got Talent

Madison Taylor Baez, 11, of Orange County, Calif., grew up attending the taping of America’s Got Talent. But this season, he found himself on stage after being selected from the audience to perform.

work to amaze with your talent

During commercial breaks, the show often asks audience members to sing. Baez reportedly worked with the show’s producers including Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel to surprise the judges with her talent.

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The show’s live tapings pushed through

“Simon was just staring at me, and he was like, ‘Keep going,'” Baez told Access Hollywood. “So I kept going.” The judges invited Baez to go on stage and audition. She sang “Amazing Grace”, pulling a standing ovation and a “golden buzzer” from Mandel | pushing her through the show’s live tapings. which was to begin in August.

actually, take me back to the room

“I’m not kidding. Of all the years we’ve ever done this. It’s never really happened before,” Cowell said. “I usually leave during breaks because people sing. So it’s actually the opposite. It really brought me back into the room.”

With a cash prize for winning

When asked what she would do with the cash prize if she finally wins. Baij said that she would help her father. who is battling stage four colon cancer.” I’ll sing to him through all his treatment in the hospital. And I’ll never stop. Baez said. “And he just got better and better.”

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