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11 IFS Officers Returned From UP To Dehradun Corona Positive

The first case of Covid-19 in Uttarakhand The academy from which I met. At the same time, a case of 11 officers getting infected together has come to the fore. The entry of tourists and other people here closed for a week.

11 IFS officers returned from UP to Dehradun positive

The Forest Research Institute, located in the capital of Uttarakhand, banned the entry of tourists and local workers. Of the 48 officers of the Indian Forest Service who went to Lucknow for a training program from the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, 11 found to corona positive. Whose condition remains stable. Went to Uttar Pradesh for mid career training. When these officers returned to Dehradun, 8 of them found positive in Delhi at the time of their return. The other three found infected on rolling in Dehradun. However, now Uttarakhand Health Department says. All of them are recovering well and have already been isolated.

People’s entry has been closed

FRI director Arun Singh Rawat quoted by ANI as saying. Due to the isolation of the infected in the campus of the academy, the entry of people has been stopped. At the same time, PTI news quoted District Surveillance Officer Rajiv Kumar Bisht as saying. The first 8 officers found positive in Delhi on 19 November and then on 24 November 3 in Dehradun.

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Tests of three dozen officers also done.

As a precaution, Kovid tests have also been done for the rest of the IFS officers. Who had gone to Lucknow for training with the infected? CMO Manoj Upreti was quoted as saying that there are currently two containment zones in Dehradun. All precautions and measures taken to ensure that the infection does not spread further. All health officials including CMO say. To avoid the danger of the third wave. Right now it is necessary to follow the rules like wearing masks and social distancing.

The officers had returned to Dehradun from Lucknow via Delhi.

The group of officers in which corona infection found, returned to Dehradun via Lucknow to Delhi. This incident has happened when, just a few days ago, the Uttarakhand government abolished all the restrictions and conditions related to Kovid. Earlier, it was mandatory for the people coming to Uttarakhand to register on the Smart City Portal and carry a corona negative report.

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