11-Foot ‘Floating Citadelle Sculpture Unveiled Outside Detroit Huntington Place

Detroit’s latest public art installation unveiled Thursday evening in front of Huntington Place.

Detroit Regional Convention Facility

Detroit-based artist Scott Hawking’s “Floating Citadel,” a massive, globe-like structure made of bronze and 11 feet in diameter, commissioned by the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority (DRCFA) Art Foundation with Mayor Mike Dugan , and dedicated. Larry Alexander, to the first DRCFA President.

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DRCFA Chair Lisa Canada said

75 artists responded to the foundation’s initial call for submissions, and Hawking ultimately selected for “his vision and creativity and his connection to the arts in the city of Detroit.” Hawking said his first meeting with the foundation held in March. Beginning in 2020, the convention center underwent a new renaming.

The artist inspired the design of the sculpture

“At the time, it the TCF Center,” he recalled, “and even the materials we given were in folders that still used to say Kobo Hall. “Things changed a lot in such a short time. Within weeks, the COVID lockdown occurred. The artist tapped into his love of history for inspiration in designing the sculpture, and referenced the Detroit River and its shoreline beyond the walls of Huntington Place.

Detroit city limits and fortifications

“I love the history of Detroit,” he said. “I like to dig through the layers of what was here before, and what’s the point of putting something here now. We’re within the original boundaries and fortifications of downtown Detroit, back when it was just a village, and right behind me The citadel was. The citadel was like the defensive core of this village… (which) inspired the making of this piece that feels like such a protective, sturdy piece.

Huntington Place North American International Auto Show

It is made of bronze, which is 90% copper. My descendants were Cornish copper miners from Uttar Pradesh; The copper came down the waterway to make all the industry in Detroit. All those things are factors. I want to thank the city of Detroit. It’s been a constant inspiration for my entire life – so I’m still here. Unveiled as Huntington Place is set to host the North American International Auto Show, which opens to the public on Saturday, September 17th and Runs till 25 September.

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